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Our Exmouth Whale Watching Windcheetah Swim Tours provide the only sailing experience for whale watching on Ningaloo Reef.

Windcheetah was selected by the Department of Parks and Wildlife to operate in the first ever in water Humpback Whale Interaction Tours conducted from the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Marine Park, from Exmouth.

Humpback Whale Swim on a Sailing Catamaran  

The Ningaloo Marine Park is recognised as one of the major migratory routes for these magnificent creatures on their annual journey from Antarctica to the Kimberley region with an estimated 30,000 passing by and resting in the sheltered waters in 2016.

With this vessel, guests experience a very stable, spacious 60ft sailing catamaran, which provides a 360-degree viewing platform and the opportunity to lounge and relax on the comfortable day beds, bow nets and various seating spots while soaking up and enjoying the beauty of the Ningaloo Marine Park and all the amazing wildlife we may encounter. With the use of our very own spotter plane, our pilot will direct us to pods of whales and any other marine life spotted from above.

Swimming with a Humpback Whale in their natural environment is an extraordinary life changing experience, one not to be taken for granted, and as such is conducted with the utmost respect to the whales. Each day presents a unique experience, and some whales are more interactive than others. Humpback Whales are very inquisitive creatures and it is quite possible they will seek interaction with humans and swim close to us.  

The crew are very experienced in reading the whales behaviour and interaction viability. Your small group of 7 and your guide will slide into the water and aim to swim with a majestic Humpback Whale, this is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Guests who book on as “Observers” are welcome to participate in all itinerary activities except for entering the water with a Humpback Whale.

You will experience warm friendly staff, fun activities, delicious food and memories to last a lifetime from the minute we pick you up to the moment we say goodbye. Our priority is making your day the best we possibly can!

Please note, to participate in swimming with the humpback whales, you need to be a strong and confident swimmer in the open ocean.

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