It is no secret that BLUESUN KIMBERLEY BOAT CRUISES has the best prices for PONANT KIMBERLEY CRUISES 2018 & 2019. Today, we are proud to be the first to offer the fabulous new Ponant cruise ship LE LAPEROUSE

This Ponant cruise ship, LE LAPEROUSE,  is going to make its debut in the 2019 cruise season and thus bringing the most modern and luxurious edge to Kimberley cruising yet seen. 

With 92 luxurious suites, all with giant viewing windows and spacious lounges, there is nothing like the LE LAPEROUSE. She is totally in keeping with the style and panache of Ponant’s cruise fleet and better still, BlueSun is one of the very few companies in Australia to have access to all her dates.


Prices are incredibly competitive and affordable, so call us now. Be a part of Kimberley cruise history!

For more details on the this amazing Ponant cruise ship click here: LE LAPEROUSE or check out any of our other CRUISE DEALS too.

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