It is no secret that BlueSun Cruises offers the best cruise packages & prices on the market because of our extraordinary relationships within the industry. As a preferred Worldwide Cruise Centre we access amazing wholesale deals, not just with the cruise lines themselves, but also with hotel chains, airlines and other tour operators. Often, BlueSun Cruises is able to package all of these incredible deals into one. This is why we are one of the fastest growing and most exciting travel companies in Australia. We aim to make a difference.

Picking the right cruise, from the right cruise company, is no easy task, so let us help dispel some myths with a few expert tips.



Almost all travel companies access the same cruise at the same price. There is no difference there. However, is it the add-ons that matter.

Are you getting the right on-board credit? Have you been offered any transfers, hotel stays, airline discounts? The list is pretty big and guess what, you nearly always need to stay somewhere and fly to and from a port. 

What people don’t realise is that it is nearly impossible to price match these kind of deals because they are only “given” to cruise companies like BlueSun Cruises, if they are offered as a whole package. We are not allowed to offer the airfare prices unless they are coupled with hotel stays and a cruise. 

In short, the devil is in the detail. If you are going to book a cruise, packages deals are almost impossible to beat.



In today’s world there are many online booking engines (or OBEs as we call them). You can source a price and trip, but after that, you are on your own. What happens when something goes wrong? What happens when you need to change something? Were you really offered the best deal, drinks packages, on-board credit, insurance, flights, hotels stays, tours. 

The answer is invariably, “No.” 

Companies like BlueSun Travel are incredibly rare. Not only are we available seven days a week, we offer the full travel services. On one recent instance, we were able to help a customer stuck on a Royal Caribbean cruise in a storm. We were feeding that customer more help and information than the cruise ship, even providing up to date information on where the ship was being redirected to, what airports were closed in Florida, and where she and her family would need to go to.